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About Us.

We offer a variety of catering platters for your event, big or small, we can do it all!

Who Are We

We are a startup company with an original BBQ recipe and a passion to satisfy the taste buds of the members of our community. Soul Food is most commonly considered to be fried and unhealthy.
Our goal is to bring a new twist to an old tradition by providing a soul food menu that breaks the boundaries of fried. BBQ Unlimited gives the customer the ability to decide how his or her meal is prepared. With us the possibilities are unlimited…

About Sean Green

Sean Green has been in the culinary field for over 20 years.
He first realized his passion for cooking at a young age, in his grandmother’s kitchen. Motivated by his passion and vision to build his own empire, Sean set out on his first venture as a business owner. In June of 2005, he opened his first restaurant called Fat Daddy’s. It was an instance success in the South Philadelphia area with friends, family and locals coming for his BBQ recipe.
Unfortunately, after a short period of time, Sean was forced to close the doors of Fat Daddy’s for good. Through the years Sean has continued to work in the culinary fields mastering his skills and expanding his expertise, while never losing his motivation to strive towards once again opening his own restaurant. His passion for cooking, pride in his BBQ recipe, and the motivation of supporting his family is what will continue to propel his company towards unmeasured success.
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